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Eaze is a top CBD manufacturer and marketplace in California, U.S. Currently, you can enjoy your cannabis in your state (if cannabis is legal in your state) through Eaze delivery. So, whether you are looking for vaporizers, baked products, hot drinks, cartridges, or weed, Eaze wellness is the company to contact. Through the Eaze promo code or Eaze coupon, you will get discounts on the products you buy.

This coupon promotion is also known as the Eaze first order promo, where you get $30 off on your first purchase.

The Eaze First Order Promo

You might be asking, ‘who is legible to use this Eaze deal?’ The Eaze discount is available to new users so, if you don’t have an Eaze account, then it is your time to get the best deals on the Eaze marketplace.

We care about you. That is why we have made it easy for you by partnering with Eaze. All you need is to sign up using this link and get the Eaze $30 off your first order.

Note: Suppose you incur any issues while trying to use this link. Feel free to reach to us via the comment section, and we will help you out.

Why Use this Eaze Deal?

Are you having a deficit of $30 on the CBD product you want to buy? Worry no more, as the Eaze promo code enables you to get $30 off your purchase. This will go a long way in ensuring you purchase a high-quality product.

Another advantage of choosing Eaze of the other companies and marketplaces. Is that you will get your product delivered to your doorstep. This will enable you to concentrate on other things.

How to Get the Eaze coupon at the Eaze Website

You need to visit the Eaze official website to get the $30 off on your first order.

Make sure you have signed up to get the Eaze discount.

Step 1: Log in to your Eaze account.

Step 2: Select your zip code

Step 3: Pick your CBD product and make payment.

NB: Make sure to use this promo link

Step 4: Now, wait for your product to arrive at you within the specified time.

What Products Does Eaze Sell?

As indicated above, Eaze has a wide variety of products from different brands. But to be specific, the following are the products you will find in their shop.

Flower – You can purchase a bud of your choice from one gram to six grams and use it on your smoking device. They have flowers from Anarchy, circles, Humboldt farms, pacific stone, voodoo, and many others.

Additionally, you can get a bulk flower that is seven grams and above.

Vaporizer cartridges – Get yourself a 0.5 gram or 1 gram vaporizer cartridge. You can get a one-gram cartridge from $24 up to $65.

Some of the popular brands include Happy sticks, Herbology, Everyday, and circles.

Concentrates – If you are looking for products with high amounts of cannabis. Then go to the concentrate section and pick the product that excites you. For example, suppose you love concentrates by Tutti, Eel River, Raw Garden, or others. You will get all of them at Eaze.

These are not the only products others include;

  • Wellness, tinctures, capsules, and CBD
  • Teas, mixes, and pantry
  • Drinks
  • Chocolate and baked goods
  • Gummies and mints

All you need is available at the Eaze shop.

Where Does Eaze Deliver CBD Products

At the moment, Eaze delivers cannabis products to customers in California and Oregon. So, if you reside in L.A., Orange County, Long Beach, San Diego, and cities in these states, you will get on-demand delivery.

The delivery will cost you a small fee. As per customer reviews, the deliveries are done fast, and the fees are affordable. In case the product doesn’t meet your requirements, you can return the product. But first, go through the Eaze return policy.

When ready for the return. Call customer support, and you will get guidance on how to do the return of your order.

Other Special Discounts and Offers by Eaze

Is there any other special discount or offer by Eaze? Yes, apart from the Eaze 30% off first order promo. Currently, you can get 30% off on specially marked products. When you select one of the products in your cart and use the promo code FRIYAY, you will get 30% off.

Who are the Licensed Eaze Retailers?

Throughout California cities, Eaze has gone into partnership with independent retailers. They include;

City/ Region Retailer
San Francisco Hometown Heart, Inc.

Element 7 South San Francisco, LLC

East Bay Hometown Heart, Inc.
Peninsula Hometown Heart, Inc.

B.W. Macaw Group, Inc.

Los Angeles The Green Goddess, Inc.

The natural way of L.A.

Holistic Healing Alternative, Inc.

Westside Caregivers Club, Inc.

Beach Enlightenment and compassionate Healing corporation

Sacramento Ohana Gardens Group
San Jose BW Macaw Group, Inc.
San Diego ULBP, Inc.

Uprooted, Inc.

Napa, Sonoma, Marin, Solano, and Lake Counties Clearlake Growth Fund II, Inc.
Orange County WCW Organization, Inc.
Central Valley Ohana Gardens Group

Therefore, if you have been looking for an Eaze licensed retailer, then now you know.


Is the Eaze on-demand delivery free?

The shipping or delivery is not free. However, it will cost you few bucks. The fee depends on the product you are buying and your location. Sometimes you can get free delivery via Eaze promo codes or discounts on delivery fees.

Can I return Eaze products after purchase?

Yes, Eaze offers a return to all customers. All you need is to contact customer support through their official email, and they will give you directions on how to complete the return process.

How Can I Contact the Eaze Support Team?

For customers, get support by visiting the Eaze help center for live chat or email support. The support team is available every day from 9 AM to 10 PM PST.

If you are looking for a partnership, send an email to partnerships@eaze.com.

The Eaze address is;

P.O. Box 26416

San Francisco, CA 94126


This is all you need to know about the Eaze first order promo. If you want any support regarding Eaze, leave a comment, and we will respond promptly.


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